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Blooms for Every Room

Adding annual blooming plants throughout your home is an easy way to increase the color, charm and beauty to any indoor space. Annuals are fun because they’re less of a commitment than perennials, giving you the option to change up the look of a space every year, even every season. And they’re a more savvy investment than bouquets of cut flowers.

Living Spaces

The brightest spaces in a home are often kitchens and living rooms. Consider these spaces your opportunity to go wild and get creative with your floral displays.

Gomphrena Globosa

Commonly known as Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button


These unique orb-like flowers love full sun and light watering. Grow those thirsty seedlings in a pot of in Mix #2, where they’ll get all the water they need, without you having to worry about overwatering them. In return Gomphrena Globosa will give you blooming joy for months. Hang them to dry to continue their life throughout the year.

Emilia Coccinea

Commonly known as Tassel Flower


Also a striking plant, Emilia Conninea blooms grow on delicate stems that make the flowers appear like they’re floating in the air. Sow seeds in Mix #3, so their roots thrive in the porous, well-draining soil, then place in a bright windowsill. Now enjoy the view.


Commonly known as Florist's Cineraria


These lovely daisy-like annuals will brighten up any room with their colorful petals that come in many shades (various purples, pinks, reds and pure whites). Get a mixed pack and let yourself be surprised by an unexpected array of colors. Plant in Mix #2 to keep their roots adequately hydrated, grow on the cool side, and give them bright, filtered light.

Sanvitalia Procumbens

Commonly known as Creeping Zinnia


Add an accent of sunshine to your home with a hanging planter overflowing with Creeping Zinnia blooms. Sow in Mix #3 to ensure the adequate drainage they need and hang in a spot with lots of sun.


Bathrooms typically have little to no light, but thankfully they are some lovely plants that thrive in the shade. Add several pots and hanging planters, mix in a few candles, and treat yourself to a homegrown spa experience anytime you go for a soak. Pairs well with our Lavender Tea mix on Spotify and a glass of your favorite wine.

Lobelia Erinus

Commonly known simply as Lobelia


Add a vibrant turkish blue to your bathroom with a little pot of Lobelia. While it can be difficult to grow from seed, it’s easy to care for once it establishes its roots. If you can’t wait for your gorgeous blue petals, you can purchase them fully grown. Be sure to plant in Mix #2 to help maintain the right amount of water. Place your Lobelias in a cool area with very little light.

Lobularia Maritima

Commonly known as Sweet Alyssum


These sweet-scented and delicate blooms are an easy addition to your bathroom. Simply buy full grown plants, repot them using Mix #2, where their shallow roots can get all the nutrients they need and give them partial sun.


Commonly known as Pot Marigold


The golden blooms from the marigold can add both beauty to your bathroom and to your plate! Harvest them for a unique addition to soups, salads, and rice dishes. Plant in Mix #2 for proper hydration and place in a space with partial sun.

Lysimachia Nummularia 'Aurea'

Commonly known as Creeping Jenny


We’re cheating a bit on this one since it’s bloomless, but this spilling plant looks beautiful in a bathroom hanging planter. Plant with Mix #2 to make sure its roots stay nice and hydrated, give it a little light, and watch it fill up the space with its beautiful foliage.


You may not spend too many waking hours in your bedroom, but adding live decorations can help you breath better and rest more fully. You’ll have to make a little more of a commitment choosing plants for this room, as only perennials have all the extra calming effects.

Jasminum Officinale

Commonly known as Common Jasmine


Jasmine will both lend your bedroom an exotic perfume and serve as an anxiety reducer. Plant in Mix #1 for an environment of optimal moisture & nutrients; water it regularly and give it plenty of light to encourage flowering. This vine is an intense grower indoors, so you’ll need to pinch, prune and shape often to slow and guide its growth. However, if you have the space to let your Jasmine plant grow freely, try placing it in a large hanging planter and watch it flourish.

Lavandula Angustifolia 'Hidcote'

Commonly known as English Lavender


Slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and stress levels with the addition of a hearty lavender plant. Always water lavender with care (try not to overdo it) as this plant is very susceptible to root rot. Plant it in Mix #3 to ensure its roots will get the exact level of drainage they need, and place it in full sunlight.

Valeriana Officinalis

Commonly known as Garden Heliotrope


Help yourself fall asleep by adding the sweet scent of these Valerian blooms to your bedroom. Plant in Mix #1 for a well-balanced nutrient intake environment in a sunny or slightly shady room.

Gerbera Jamesonii

Commonly known as Gerbera Daisy


Finally, adding daisies to your bedroom will help produce extra oxygen throughout the night. These colorful blooms like full sun or part shade and thrive in Mix #1, where they get a balanced nutrient intake and adequate drainage.

Whether it’s a gentle scent wafting you to sleep or a bright splash of color in dull corner, there’s a flowering plant to enhance every space in your home. Whichever blooms you go for, make sure to add some of our Bio-Tope cultured compost to your potted plants every 3-4 weeks to help them flower to their full potential. Naturally, the healthier your plants are the harder they will work to make your home the most vibrant and restorative place it can be.


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