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What’s in the Opus Grows soil mixes?

Below is a full list of the ingredients used in all of the Opus Grows dark, rich and fluffy soil mixes. Each Opus soil product has it’s own unique mix of ingredients. You can find these outlined on their corresponding product pages.

Mix #0 Ingredients
Mix #1 Ingredients
Mix #2 Ingredients
Mix #3 Ingredients
Bio-Tope™ Ingredients

Coconut coir fiber, sphagnum peat moss, pumice, perlite, organic compost, aged bark fines, worm castings, wood biochar, diatomaceous earth, natural limestone (for pH adjustment), fish bone meal, bat guano, feather meal, blood meal, alfalfa meal, shrimp meal, humic acid (derived from leonardite), basalt rock dust, and kelp meal. They also contain the non-plant food ingredient mycorrhizae, which attaches itself to a live root system and acts as a conduit for nutrients and minerals from the soil straight to your gorgeous plants.

One of the most important ingredients in our blends is the organic compost. We make it ourselves right here in Eugene, OR - an exceptionally green-minded community. It’s local, consistent, and one of the cleanest in the US.

Is Opus Grows natural and organic?
All of the ingredients that go into our soil mixes, down to the unpainted, untreated wood used in the making of our Biochar are natural and organic. Chemicals and artificial fertilizers never get near our Opus Grows soil. We are also currently seeking an OMRI Certification.
Who makes Opus Grows?
Opus Grows is the newest addition to the organic line of products by Rexius, a family-owned company founded in the 1930’s in Eugene, Oregon. Rexius’ bottom line doesn’t feed into corporate profits; we have been an independent business since our inception and remain that way to this day. We pour great enthusiasm, respect for good soil, and over seventy years of experience and traditions in the making of Opus Grows.
What is the difference between a natural fertilizer, compost and Opus Grows Bio-Tope?
Natural fertilizers introduce nutrients and minerals to your soil and plants. That’s great to have, but it’s nothing compared to the benefits of compost. Compost modifies and stabilizes the soil pH, improves resistance to both plant diseases and insect pests, prevents soil from compacting to help roots penetrate the soil freely, and even filters the air and water of urban contaminants. However, it is the Bio-Tope - our activated compost - charged with active soil biology at the time it arrives at your door, that turns this music into a grand symphony. Bio-Tope speeds up the nutrient exchange, the minerals start kicking in, and the biology of tired soil wakes up and re-populates the compost matter. Bio-Tope’s beneficial effects can be spotted quickly in the healthy growth of your plants.
Can my plants grow and flower with this soil without adding any fertilizers?
Mixes Zero, 1, 2 and 3 are rich in nutrients and active soil biology and are intended to be used on their own (without any added fertilizers) for several months. In order to maintain vital soil for your potted plants we recommend a regular (once every couple of months after the first 3-4 months) shot of Bio-Tope, a cultured soil amendment that reintroduces active biology into your potting mix as the nutrients start to wear out. (Regularly means once every couple of months after the first three to four months.)
What is the pH of the Opus Grows mix when it arrives at my door?
Soil pH is extremely important - it dictates what minerals and nutrients are readily available to a plant. Ideal growing conditions are between 5.5 and 7 pH, which is why we actively pursue a pH of 6 - 6.5 for all of our mixes at the time they reach you. For example, Mix #2 has higher contents of coconut coir, which tends to have a higher pH (6 - 7), so we adjust our mixing process in a way that the final product has a neutral pH of 6 - 6.5.
Does the soil smell bad?
Nope! Our soil arrives smelling crisp and earthy-fresh. Opus Grows mixes are full of beneficial microorganisms which help give our soil that classic “dirt” smell.
How heavy is the soil? Can I use it in hanging planters?
Yes! All of our soil mixes are lightweight (theyd don't contain sand or any other heavy ingredients), but Mix #2 is the best choice for hanging planters because it's packed with coconut coir that helps retain moisture. That means you won't have to douse your plants during the summer months!
Are wetting agents used on the sphagnum peat moss in Opus Grows?
No, we don’t use any wetting agents on the Opus soil ingredients.
How do I protect my soil from gnats?
For your potted plants: try not to overwater them, gnats like excessive moisture in the soil.
For your bagged soil: once you receive our package store it in a cool and dry place and try not to let it be exposed to the outside elements for too long. Once you open your Opus bag try to keep the remaining soil in a tight-seal container. Compost is a major attractor for the gnats, so be particularly careful with the Bio-Tope, which is very rich in compost.
Is there animal waste in your soil mixes?
The only animal waste that we use is bat guano, a natural source high in nitrogen and worm castings (aka vermicast or worm poop) for naturally rich organic soil that does not require extra fertilizers.
How long past the date printed on the bag is the soil still fully beneficial?
For best performance with maximum microbial activity, use within 2 years from the manufacturer’s stamped date on top of the bag.
Are the Opus bags recyclable?

Yes, they are! Please turn the bag inside out and rinse to clean out any residual debris. Recycle at any recycling center accepting low density polyethylene plastic (LDPE). Before you hand it off for recycling, however, consider reusing it. The Opus bag can easily be turned into a tarp for the next time you are repotting your favourite succulents.

Natural Organic 1
Where do I throw away my soil if I no longer need it?
If fairly clean and still usable - gift it to a neighbor or friend who has houseplants. However if your pet happened to pee in it - go ahead and dump it in the trash. One thing you shouldn’t do is mix it with the soil in an outdoor garden or a park.


What types of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as PayPal Express.
Are you able to expedite a package?
Unfortunately, we do not offer expedited shipping at this time. We'll send your tracking info via email so you can watch as your package travels from our facility right to your door.
What is the shipping process?

We move our soil quickly. From its creation at our place to its arrival at your doorstep, we aim for a maximum of two to three weeks, depending on where in the US you are located. We skip the middleman and deliver straight from our family-owned mixing facility in Oregon to you.

Opus Grows Mixes Zero, 1, 2, and 3 show up at your door in a sturdy, 25”x19”x5” cardboard box (one full bag per box). Opus Grows Bio-Tope arrives in a slightly smaller 24”x17x4” box (also one full bag per box). Each box weighs no more than 45 pounds, but if you cannot lift heavy items, ask the UPS delivery person to store it somewhere safe and convenient for you. All boxes are neatly closed and sealed with tape. We always use UPS shipping and tracking for all of our packages.

Natural Organic 1

Can I return/refuse my Opus Grows soil for a refund?
For safety reasons relating to soil cleanliness and health we are unable to accept any returns once an Opus Grows package has left our warehouse in Oregon. In the unlikely event that your potting soil package arrives damaged, please let us know within 48 hours of receiving ​it and we will send a replacement free of charge​.
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