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Opus Grows

Planting Guide


Select a clean container with drain holes in the bottom. Make sure container is large enough to hold plenty of potting mix around the root system. Cover bottom of container with clean pebbles or other drainage material, being careful not to plug drain area. Good drainage is important for proper root growth.


To remove plant from old container, moisten mix, then turn container over and tap bottom. Be careful to secure the plant by holding the stem between two fingers.


Partially fill the bottom of container with new Opus Grows growing mix. Loosen some of the compacted mix around the root system and place in center of container with root mass approximately 1/2” from the top.


Add more Opus Grows around root mass and gently press mix in place. Add until level reaches top of root mass. Water plant thoroughly and allow to drain. Be careful not to over water your plants.


Every two months, or as needed, keep your plants nourished by topping off your container with BioTope Cultured Compost. First, aerate the soil on the top of the container, being careful not to damage the plant’s roots. Then add 2”- 6” of BioTope to replenish your soil’s active biology. This will extend the viability of your container soil.

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