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10 Minimalist Natural Wreath Ideas

As the holiday season gets into full gear:

1) the harvest decorations and those forgotten witches & ghosts get put away

2) houses get decked out with twinkling lights

3) the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree commences, and

4) the traditional wreath graces the front door.

If you’re feeling crafty this year and the idea of making your own natural wreath sounds cool, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ideas to inspire festive creativity.  

You’ll need:

  • Clippers or heavy duty scissors to cut branches and thin wire
  • Gardening gloves for harvesting sticky branches or holly
  • A basket to collect your findings
  • Floral wire or another method of attaching the wreath decor to the base
  • A wreath frame, or sturdy branches if you plan to go au natural
  • Hot glue gun (optional)


    Consider going for something traditional. This full, green wreath combines evergreen boughs with fern starts for a beautifully simple design.



    These pine boughs tightly wrapped in twine and finished with some pine cones is a simple, fragrant way to greet your family and friends.



    If you’re anywhere near a rural area, these ingredients should be simple enough to find. Choose a sturdy base for this one, and have a hot glue gun ready for attaching the acorns.



    Abundant elegance personified - pine cones and clusters of red berries are the only materials used to create this wreath.



    Succulent enthusiasts are sure to love this twist on the classic wreath, made from sinewy branches, dried flowers, and showcasing a variety of green succulents.



    While there is a distinct lack of evergreen branches in this wreath, the lavender sprigs give a splash of color as well as a lovely fragrance.



    Leafy olive branches combined with soft white flowers, thistle tops, and delicate berries make this non-traditional wreath glow.



    For big doors with space to fill, this large wreath doesn’t need much more than a few pine cones and a few other forest floor offerings to make a statement.



    This wreath relies on the unique branches it’s crafted from to hold in the soft green mosses and berry sprays.



    The delicate flowers on this wreath mean it won’t last the whole month, but this fragrant eucalyptus and peony arrangement is perfect for holiday parties.

    Visit our Pinterest board for more ideas on unique wreaths and materials. Happy holidays, and happy crafting!


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